Genuine Honduran Mahogany

Who We Are

Exotic Woods Ltd is a U.S. owned and operated company with over 50 years of combined experience. dedicated to the legal harvesting and export worldwide of the highest quality Genuine Honduran mahogany timber and related goods.

Our Mission Statement

To supply our customers with what is known as the finest mahogany in the world whether it be in dimensioned lumber cut by our world class precision machinery, a complete mahogany office to install in a home or an exact antique furniture replica, we are ready to discuss your needs.

European exports are governed by this independent European agency.

We offer our clients a hands-on approach from order placement to arrival at destinations around the world. Exotic Woods is committed to environmental sustainability and the participation of local indigenous communities in all operations to ensure a low environmental impact while helping locals improve their lives and life expectancy.

Our Vision

To become the first choice for all your mahogany and other exotic wood needs, respecting and involving the local indigenous population in the broadest sense and positively. Impacting environmental and climate change issues locally, by sustainable legal harvesting. Exotic Woods Ltd caters mainly to exotic wood wholesalers and other specialized areas such as architects, interior designers, musical instrument manufacturers, fine furniture and yacht builders, etc. Our pursuit of quality and understanding of your specific needs are the most important pillars of the company’s philosophy.